Mobile Trump APP

Dan Youra is developer of “Mobile Trump" APP at TheApp.mobi/mobiletrump/. More info on app at MobileTrump.com 

Mobile Trump APP holsters lists and links for Trumpsters on the go, online, and on mobile devices.

Access RSS feeds for Trump's speaking schedule.

Target Trump Groups on Facebook.Load links to Top Trump mobile websites.

Tune in to RSS feed for Best Pro Trump cartoons by Dan Youra, conservative political cartoonist and caricature artist.

Current topics with regular updates. 

Scope out short, pro-Trump, animated videos of The Donald in action on YouTube. 

Share with fellow Trumpsters on Twitter. 

Run the range with entertaining and serious products from the shelves of Donald's digital store.

The Mobile Trump APP is loaded with ammo for the personal entertainment of swooning Trumpsters. And, it packs fire power for mission critical campaigns in the cause of winning elections. 

On the entertainment flank are pro-Trump political cartoons and animated videos by Dan Youra, conservative editorial cartoonist and caricature artist. 

On the political operative flank are links and lists of strategic and tactical value for dedicated Trumpsters sweeping political battlefields in local, state, and federal battleground search-and-destroy contests. 

Access updated RSS feeds to current venues where Donald Trump is scheduled to speak to audiences prior to critical state elections.

Find dates, times, venues and tickets with advance notice in order to participate in campaign events. 

Team up with Facebook Groups for Trump, including Independents, Catholics, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Students, Veterans, even Democrats.

Load up on links to hot websites all mustering to win the same campaigns. 

Super Trumpday