Trump Is The ONE

For me as a political cartoonist I am an observer and commentator. My analysis of Trump it is not about the labels. It is about the phenomenon. Not The Donald himself, rather his appeal, his followers, their reactions, loyalties and expectations. They pushed him into 1st place from the bottom up, in contrast with Obama and the sales job from the top down. 

The battlefield is Earth Wars not Star Wars. The opposing forces are momentous, well defined and with potentially devastating impact on the lives of all the planet's inhabitants. Potential outcomes of the Earth Wars are July 4 vs. 1984, Neo vs. the Matrix, Old World vs. Brave New World. New World Order vs. Armageddon. 

None of the other politicians carry any weight or are of any relevance compared to the Big Battle that is currently being waged between Trump with his minions vs. the socialists, national autocrats and global oligarchy. Those entrenched powers have not faced a challenge as monumental as this, which is so threatening to their political hegemony. This isn't about a party's nominee. Not even about which party. The sleeping giant is the American people. The fate of the future is in this awakening force. 

The American people – left, right, conservative, independent, liberal, unpolitical – are proxies for all the peoples of the planet in a war against unresponsive political parties, compromised media, corporate dictators, Big Brother governments, and religious autocrats. The outcomes of the party conventions this summer will be the first indicators of which way the winds of victory are blowing. The outcome of the November election will determine whose fates are sealed and whose destinies shall carry which torch into unchartered futures. 

Neither Rubio, nor Cruz, Paul, Bush, et. al., has the gravitas to lead this awakening army. None of them can mount the white horse and lead the charge with the bravado of Patton, inspiration of MacArthur, and determination of Grant, Washington or Lee. As a conservative Republican I'll support the GOP's nominee. If it won't be Trump, it is hard to image his current minions coalescing behind another candidate in sufficient numbers to mount a credible threat against the Bolsheviks currently in control of America's oppressive, one-party system. 

My prediction at this point is Trump in a landslide on Nov 8, 2016.