Je Suis Trump

Je Suis Donald

Je Suis Trump and Je Suis Donald are reincarnations of the same spirit awoken in the aftermath of the killings in France of the editors who published the magazine Charlie Hebdo, which printed a cartoon of Mohammad to the disapproval of Muslims, who shot the editors. The slogan Je Suis Charlie became an instant symbol for people to show a spirit of support for the murdered publishers and a badge of personal identity and solidarity with their cause of freedom of speech and freedom of the press for which they were killed.

What do the killings of some cartoonists in France have to do with a political campaign for president in the United States?

The similarity is that the symbol becomes a badge of personal identification with a cause, with a movement, and with the person who leads that movement. Je Suis Charlie was the image of support for the cause of freedom of speech in France and throughout the world. It is not unlike the red-splashed word, Solidarity, that fired up the shipyard workers of Gdansk, Poland in their quest to bring down communist control of their county, a successful movement which spread and regained political freedom for millions of people across eastern Europe. It is no different than the cross for Christians, who have rallied behind their crucifix, a symbol for their leader, Jesus of Nazareth, for whom they gave their lives over two thousand years in dedication to their beliefs.

Je Suis Donald and Je Suis Trump are the most current manifestations of the same issues of identity with a leader, solidarity with a cause, dedication to principles commonly shared by millions of followers, and a mission to build a better world, where their principles can be implemented as the guiding lights to overcome the darkness and return freedom and justice to those who have suffered and long for their chains to be broken.

Donald Trump, in his quest to become president of the United States, is a person who has garnered a ground swell of support from common-sense people across the county. He is ridiculed and rejected by the establishment political leaders and by the mainstream media. In the eyes of the common folk across the fruited plains living day-to-day Donald Trump's message of common sense, delivered in straight forward talk, rings true on receptive ears. Feeling rejected themselves, America's masses are drawn to the man who speaks their language. They admire his independence from the powers that be and his willingness to fight their battles. 

"I am Donald" and "I am Trump" are easy words to say. Their meaning, when uttered by the forgotten and ignored, strike a cord as deep within their souls as "Je Suis Charlie," for freedom of speech, as deep within their bones as "Solidarity" for political freedom, and as deep within their hearts as "Jesus of Nazareth" for freedom of religion.

Competing political candidates beg and borrow other people's money to prop up cookie cutter campaigns, each not much different from the next. Trump is not a campaign. Trump is not a sound bite. Trump is not a hallow sound from a teleprompter echoing across a half empty room. It is impossible to imagine a battlecry raised aloft with the sounds of "I am Jeb" or "I am Rand" or "I am Carly." What would those mean?

There is no doubt what "I am Donald" and "I am Trump" mean to the common sense folks living today along the highways and byways of America. What the words mean is that there is a living human being, named Donald Trump, whose soul, bones, and heart are palpable within one's own soul, bones, and heart. Whether in English "I am Donald" or in French "Je Suis Trump," the words are made flesh.

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Beware the "Global View"

Bret Stephens, writer of the "Global View" column in the Wall Street Journal, describes Trump as an “appalling,” “realty-TV star,” a “loud mouth vulgarian,” a “rising star in the “fringe politics” of this “clown-time” political season. Mr. B.S. describes Trump”s “fans” as “disgusted,” “vulgarians,” who “lack mental maturity,” are “incapable of class,” "bellyache non-stop,” and, are “paranoid (and losing)” as part of the “dwindling white majority.” 

You get the sense that Mr. Global View doesn’t think much of the Trump phenomenon. He disparages and discounts several views, which he claims have been offered to explain Trump’s popularity – his “can-do image,” and bluntness. “He toes no line, serves no pack, abides no ideology, is beholden to no man.”

Yuk! The Global Viewer pukes on his page. He can’t stomach this pablum. In fact, he pinches his nose at the “parade of semi-sophisticated theories that act as bathroom deodorizer to mask the stench of his (Trump’s) candidacy.”

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