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Why "I Am Trump"

The Lillputians ("the little people with small brains") just don't get Donald

"I am Trump" explores the proposition that Donald Trump is more like every man and every woman. And, likewise, every man and every woman is more like Trump.

You ask "How can I be like Trump – a major media personality, billionaire, businessman, casino developer, author, entertainer, reality show host, and candidate for president?" The description of a man with such qualities as The Donald hardly seems to qualify as an alter ego for the billions of us who inhabit the middle class and lower class rungs on the evolutionary ladder.  [continue reading . . .]


Julius Trump "Veni, Vidi, Vici"

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Future News – Trump Wins All 50 States

Shop for I Am Trump products, souvenirs, campaign props and political artwork in Youra Store

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Future News – America Great Again

Shop for I Am Trump products, souvenirs, campaign props and political artwork in Youra Store