The Donald is Our Shadow

Si, Jefe, Que vaya con Dios

Before we discuss how Donald Trump is our shadow, we need to define two concepts used in psychology – shadow and projection. 

A simple definition of shadow is our “dark side.” Our shadow contains the hidden parts of our persona, which we want to ignore, avoid, and repress. Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychiatrist, originated the concept of the shadow to describe those elements in our unconscious, which we do not want to acknowledge. We keep our shadow suppressed, so that others do not see our “dark side.” Jung insists that we all have a shadow.

Lurking in the closet of our personality are our personal ghosts, which we hide from the world – our fears, hatred, insecurities, covetousness. Not only do we hide our shadow from others, we hide it from ourselves.

Critics of Donald Trump describe him as uncouth, boorish, ego maniac, prideful, narcissistic, mud-slinger, trash-talking, seeking the spotlight, and headline-grabbing. Critics sit in judgement of The Donald. They find it easy to point their fingers at Trump to criticize his failings, flaws and foibles which they disapprove of . . . [continued]