The Donald Mythological Figure

I have been to the mountain top
and have seen the promised land
The Donald is an archetype, a mythological figure, a creature who is larger than life itself. The Donald is the entire Greek pantheon rolled up into one persona. He manifests the assets and the quirks of all the gods. He channels the power of Zeus, likewise the wisdom and courage of Athena. He is Ares the god of war, Aphrodite the inspiration of beauty, and Hades the ruler of the underworld. He emits the erotic love of Eros, yet emanates the smell and earthiness of Pan. His behavior exhibits the complexities and contradictions of Apollo, the prophetic deity of medicine and healing, who could bring both health and deadly plague.

The Donald, as the Greek pantheon itself, is a metaphor for a pragmatic view of life, which values art, beauty, and the power of the individual. It is a counterpoint to a minority yet powerful view, which values political correctness, diversity, and the power of the collective.

To the Greeks one of the most important moral concepts was a fear of committing hubris, that is, excessive pride or self-confidence. Although pride and vanity were not considered sins themselves, the Greeks emphasized moderation. Pride was not evil until it became all-consuming or hurtful to others. In Greek tragedy hubris was excessive pride in defiance of the gods which led to nemesis, the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall.

The 2016 version of the morality play unfolding on the campaign stage is unfinished and not rehearsed. The denouement in its final act, as important as it is to the future of a nation, is cloaked beneath a shadow of suspenseful apprehension.