The Donald Archetype [Part 2 continued]

The archetypes that arise from the depths of the human psyche can be scary to behold and even challenging to embrace. They seem other worldly and out of reach to us common folks. The human response to primordial archetypes, in the case of the Hero, can be to adulate, emulate, and/or consecrate. Adulation can lead to imitation; emulation can lead to transformation, and consecration can lead to personal integration. In the case of the Villain, our response can be to denounce, deny, and/or destroy.  The results can be these: denouncing the devil will not make it go away; denial of evil does not lessen its power; and, any attempt to destroy an archetypical monster will embed it even deeper into one's unconscious.

As individuals we channel the Hero and the Villain. As individuals we do not create the hero. However, as the collective we ascribe hero status to those who arise to take up the sword to fill the hero’s role. Likewise, we do not create the devil. Our collective conscious ascribes evilness to those from the underworld, who threaten our customs, mores and very existence.

In summary, The Donald is the manifestation of the Hero, not because we crowned him so. Rather is the hero because a significant segment of the citizenry acknowledge his heroic persona and relate to his heroic qualities.

“We have met The Donald and he is us.”