Beware the "Global View"

Bret Stephens, writer of the "Global View" column in the Wall Street Journal, describes Trump as an “appalling,” “realty-TV star,” a “loud mouth vulgarian,” a “rising star in the “fringe politics” of this “clown-time” political season. Mr. B.S. describes Trump”s “fans” as “disgusted,” “vulgarians,” who “lack mental maturity,” are “incapable of class,” "bellyache non-stop,” and, are “paranoid (and losing)” as part of the “dwindling white majority.” 

You get the sense that Mr. Global View doesn’t think much of the Trump phenomenon. He disparages and discounts several views, which he claims have been offered to explain Trump’s popularity – his “can-do image,” and bluntness. “He toes no line, serves no pack, abides no ideology, is beholden to no man.”

Yuk! The Global Viewer pukes on his page. He can’t stomach this pablum. In fact, he pinches his nose at the “parade of semi-sophisticated theories that act as bathroom deodorizer to mask the stench of his (Trump’s) candidacy.”