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Why "I Am Trump"

The Lillputians ("the little people with small brains") just don't get Donald

"I am Trump" explores the proposition that Donald Trump is more like every man and every woman. And, likewise, every man and every woman is more like Trump.

You ask "How can I be like Trump – a major media personality, billionaire, businessman, casino developer, author, entertainer, reality show host, and candidate for president?" The description of a man with such qualities as The Donald hardly seems to qualify as an alter ego for the billions of us who inhabit the middle class and lower class rungs on the evolutionary ladder.  [continue reading . . .]


Julius Trump "Veni, Vidi, Vici"

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Future News – Trump Wins All 50 States

Shop for I Am Trump products, souvenirs, campaign props and political artwork in Youra Store

Click to visit Youra Store

Future News – America Great Again

Shop for I Am Trump products, souvenirs, campaign props and political artwork in Youra Store


I Am Trump

Shop for I Am Trump products, souvenirs, campaign props and political artwork in Youra Store


Bienvenidos a Los Estados Unidos


Mail a Screw to the White House


The Donald is Everyman

In the Middle Ages a man named Donald Hood 
took from the richer and gave to the poorer.

In 16th century England a type of play, known as a morality play, was performed in the village square of every town. The drama was a sermon that was acted out in public. Its purpose was to teach a moral lesson on the distinction between right and wrong.

A morality play is a type of allegory in which the protagonist is confronted by characters, who are personifications of virtues and vices. Starring roles may be hope and charity as well as pride and greed. Even things, such as money and death, may have a walk-on part.

The biggest hit at the 1500’s box office in England was a play billed as Everyman. Its author unknown, the play’s cast grappled with the moral choices of English life under regal rulers from Henry IV to Henry VIII, whose wealth, castles, string of wives, and wars with Rome dominated the moral choices confronting the kingdom’s serfs.

Now, in the 21st century the blockbuster attraction in the morality play category is a reincarnation of Everyman, starring Donald Trump in an unfolding drama, The Donald Versus The Empire. This modern day Everyman pits the protagonist against a menagerie of characters, personifications of the individual vs. the state, dependence vs. wealth, and freedom vs. serfdom. [continue reading]


The Donald Mythological Figure

I have been to the mountain top
and have seen the promised land
The Donald is an archetype, a mythological figure, a creature who is larger than life itself. The Donald is the entire Greek pantheon rolled up into one persona. He manifests the assets and the quirks of all the gods. He channels the power of Zeus, likewise the wisdom and courage of Athena. He is Ares the god of war, Aphrodite the inspiration of beauty, and Hades the ruler of the underworld. He emits the erotic love of Eros, yet emanates the smell and earthiness of Pan. His behavior exhibits the complexities and contradictions of Apollo, the prophetic deity of medicine and healing, who could bring both health and deadly plague.

The Donald, as the Greek pantheon itself, is a metaphor for a pragmatic view of life, which values art, beauty, and the power of the individual. It is a counterpoint to a minority yet powerful view, which values political correctness, diversity, and the power of the collective.

To the Greeks one of the most important moral concepts was a fear of committing hubris, that is, excessive pride or self-confidence. Although pride and vanity were not considered sins themselves, the Greeks emphasized moderation. Pride was not evil until it became all-consuming or hurtful to others. In Greek tragedy hubris was excessive pride in defiance of the gods which led to nemesis, the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall.

The 2016 version of the morality play unfolding on the campaign stage is unfinished and not rehearsed. The denouement in its final act, as important as it is to the future of a nation, is cloaked beneath a shadow of suspenseful apprehension. 



Trump as Savior and Redeemer

Followers of Donald Trump view their candidate for president as a savior and redeemer. They see him as a force, who has come to save a crushed people from the hands of their oppressors. Trump promises to restore respect and dignity to the masses alienated from the system under which they toil to survive. His fans see themselves excluded from the political process. They sense a loss of their freedoms. They want to know what happened to their democracy. Society’s former Middle Class has become its Forgotten Class.

The usurpers of political power, cozy in their new found fortunes were not expecting a savior, a redeemer, or a messiah to challenge their ill-gotten authority. Pharisee Class of Washington DC views itself as the self-appointed guardian of the keys to the kingdom. At the first appearance of a potential savior the high priests connive and collude to marginalize any grassroots savior, who might incite the starving masses to revolt. America’s oligarchy is threatened by a savior who challenges their authority and is capable of leading the oppressed, the ignored, and the disillusioned out of the desert and across the Red Sea to return them to their promised land.


The definition of a “savior” is a person who protects others from harm or delivers others from some dire situation. A savior is a person, but it can also be a force such as a welcome rain that relieves the drought on a parched land. A savior is often seen as a healer, one who restores health to an organism which has become infected or diseased. 

Christians accept Christ as their savior, who saves them from sin and the consequences of sin. Recognized pre-Christian, religious saviors are Moses (Jews) Buddha (India), Krishna (Hindu) and Horus (Egyptian). Cultural saviors are Ulysses (Greece) and Romulus (Rome). Ideological saviors are Voltaire and Rousseau (enlightenment) and Marx (communism).


The definition of a “redeemer” is a person who brings back goodness to what was lost; who returns originally accepted values back to their former state of acceptance after they have been corrupted; who makes the unpleasant better; who frees others from distress, harms or the consequences of bad choices; who retrieves what was damaged and makes it worthwhile again; who reforms and changes deteriorated life situations for the better; who repairs, restores, makes good and fulfills a promise.

Trump as Savior and Redeemer

A savior and a redeemer are not necessarily the same. Nor are they mutually exclusive. A redeemer is typically a savior. However, a savior is not by definition a redeemer. The crucial distinction is that a redeemer returns others to a previously preferred situation that was enjoyed prior to that desired state being corrupted and lost.

As a savior, Trump is seen by his followers as a protector of traditional values. He can save them from their perceived demise. He can deliver citizens from the deteriorating social environment which they are witnessing and experiencing.

It is Trump, as the redeemer, who observes the collapse of social and political stability and the threats to the nation’s liberties that have inspired him to lead his national movement to regain what was lost by returning to the dreams of the nation’s founders and to the principles of the United States Constitution. His mission is to return the rights of citizens to the protection of their freedoms. His battle cry is to reinstate the rule of law. Trump’s efforts to regain, return and reinstate are attributes of a “redeemer,” bringing back what once existed but which now is threatened or lost.

Trump is not a Messiah, which is a special class of savior or redeemer, whose arrival is expected by an enslaved or damaged people, precisely because the arrival had been announced by prophets in the past. Trump’s leading role in the current drama was not prophesied or expected. His arrival on the stage was a surprise, a welcome surprise for the suffering masses, and an unwelcome surprise to their enslaving masters.


The Donald Archetype [Part 1]

We met the Hero and he is us.
The Donald Archetype [Part 1]

The Donald is more than a mythological figure, carved out of marble, a descendant of Greek Chaos. The Donald is more than a literary caricature of Everyman. The Donald in his most powerful role is an archetype, a transcendent character commonly present in the unconscious depths of humankind’s psyche. 

In Jungian psychology, inherited from Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, an archetype is a fundamental quality or character of human existence embedded within the “collective unconscious” of all human beings. Examples of archetypes are the Hero, the Villain, the Scapegoat, Good versus Evil, the Innocent Youth, the Mother Figure, the Fall and Redemption.

Humans didn't "invent" archetypes, but they do express archetypes in the conscious world of art, literature, and religion. The Hero or the Villain is not someone or something "out there" in the world; the Hero and the Villain are part of us. To paraphrase Pogo, “We have met the Hero, and he is us.” Likewise, “We have met the Villain and he is us.” [Continue Reading . . . ]

The Donald Archetype [Part 2]

We met the villain and he is us.
The Donald Archetype [Part 2]

It should be obvious that one person’s hero is another person’s villain. Was Elliot Ness the hero or the villain in his take down of Al Capone? It depends if you were a teetotaler in the suburbs of Chicago or a drunk in a Chicago speakeasy. Ness and Capone were each simultaneously a hero and a villain.

And, so it is with The Donald. To The Lost Generation of the hinterland, the forgotten Middle Americans of yore, it is no surprise that the yellow coiffed billionaire in the blue business suit is King Arthur, Robin Hood, Don Quixote, James Bond, Joan of Arc, Beowulf, and General McArthur, all rolled up into one persona. on the other hand The Donald is a villain and the enemy to the small coterie of privileged elite who inhabit the halls of Congress, the upper echelons of executive privilege, the news desks of the Newspeak media, and the family dynasties of political succession, all of whom cling to their claim of their Dieu et mon droit, their Divine Right to Govern. [Continue reading . . .]


The Donald is Our Shadow

Si, Jefe, Que vaya con Dios

Before we discuss how Donald Trump is our shadow, we need to define two concepts used in psychology – shadow and projection. 

A simple definition of shadow is our “dark side.” Our shadow contains the hidden parts of our persona, which we want to ignore, avoid, and repress. Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychiatrist, originated the concept of the shadow to describe those elements in our unconscious, which we do not want to acknowledge. We keep our shadow suppressed, so that others do not see our “dark side.” Jung insists that we all have a shadow.

Lurking in the closet of our personality are our personal ghosts, which we hide from the world – our fears, hatred, insecurities, covetousness. Not only do we hide our shadow from others, we hide it from ourselves.

Critics of Donald Trump describe him as uncouth, boorish, ego maniac, prideful, narcissistic, mud-slinger, trash-talking, seeking the spotlight, and headline-grabbing. Critics sit in judgement of The Donald. They find it easy to point their fingers at Trump to criticize his failings, flaws and foibles which they disapprove of . . . [continued]

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Gandhi Donald               Minuteman Gandhi

Gulliver Donald

Donald Robin Hood                Saint Donald

Eagle Trump

Pancho Donald

Donald-in-Chief                       Great Wall


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